Tank cleaning technology in South Africa

02/2021: Article in the journal "Food Review"

AWH traces its roots to 1895 in Germany. The company entered the flow technology market in 1917  with valves for the food industry. Along with a wide-ranging fitting and tube offering, AWH now boasts an extensive array of flow technology products.

The article can be seen on page 38.


11/2019: Article in the journal "ProcessEngineer"

When looking at cleaning technology for clean-in-place (CIP) operations there are often just two questions on a prospective buyer´s lips: will it clean my tank and how much does it cost? Advancements in cleaning technology, however, now mean that it is possible to clean a customer´s tank and save them time and money in the process.

Food & Drink technology Africa

07/2018: Article in the journal "drinkworld"

With a dynamic market growth, the food and beverage insdustry in south africa is appealing to international corporations. Covering the entire value chain, food & drink technology Africa is the most important business gathering for the sector. The combination of exhibition an comprhensive acconying program offers solutions trailored to the challenges and demands of the market southern Africa.