Rotating Spray Ball (TANKO-RB)

Rotating Spray Ball TANKO-RB
TANKO-RB30 180° upwards Clipon
Rotating Spray Ball TANKO-RB
Rotating Spray Ball TANKO-RB

The TANKO-RB is a rotating spray head with drilled circular spray openings. The TANKO-RB operates in an analogous manner to static spray balls, with larger volume flow rates at lower pressure, but is designed as a rotating unit to quickly wet the vessel walls. Short cleaning periods can be achieved depending on the application. The basic function of the device is retained even if the rotation fails.

If individual spray perforation become blocked, the rotation of the device allows the remaining spray perforation to compensate for this. This ensures continued complete wetting of the tank walls. The typical application area is in low-pressure solutions that do not require jet cleaner but with higher flow volumes than the TANKO-S. Existing systems can be retrofitted with the TANKO-RB without changing the already validated application. The double ball bearing TANKO-RB can be operated in any installation position, as with the TANKO-S.

The TANKO-RB are available in different sizes, with different materials and connections, and also with ATEX certification if required.



Technical Data
Spray angle360°, 270° upwards, 180° upwards, 180° downwards

1.4404 (316L), 1.4435 (316L), 1.4571 (316Ti), 2.4610 (HC4), 2.4602 (HC22)
bearing balls: 1.4401 (316)
optional: 2.4610 (HC4), 2.4602 (HC22)

Operating pressure

1.5 - 3 bar / 22 - 43.5 psi *

Working temperatureCleaning medium: max. 230 °C / 446 °F (Does not apply to ATEX versions!)
Volume flow rate2.4 - 28.9 m³/h / 40 - 481.7 l/min / 10.6 - 127.2 gpm (US) *
Cleaning radius2.4 - 28.9 m³/h / 40 - 481.7 l/min / 10.6 - 127.2 gpm (US) *
ConnectionClipon, Thread, Weldon acc. DIN 11866


*depending on model and cleansing medium

The technical data of the ATEX units can differ from the standard units and this data is provided in the respective operating and installation instructions.