Sensors and Accessories

TANKO-AN Weldon Adapter
CIP-Guard - Sensor for Monitoring
Tank Cleaning Trolley JM-C1

TANKO-AN weldon adapter and downpipes

Cleaning devices are to be hygienically installed into the tank. This task starts with the installation of cleaning devices in the tank. Here, various solutions are available:

  • threaded connection acc. to DIN 11851 with weldon nozzle
  • TriClamp with weldon nozzle
  • welding neck flange of various types with weldon nozzle
  • DIN 11864 connection (clamp, threaded connection or flange) with weldon nozzle
  • block flange following the DIN 11864
  • block flange of the BioConnect® - Series
  • TANKO-AN weldon nipples with an "outlet lip" as rotating piece, also available with additional thread protection

Sensor: CIPGuard (TCG-ZR)

CIPGuard (TCG-ZR) is a sensor for monitoring a slowly rotating tank cleaning device. Jet cleaners turning 360 degrees inside containers and tanks can be monitored. The sensor is centrally mounted, preferably on the upper section of the tank and is integrated in the PLC control or evaluated via PC. The AWH CIPGuard is characterized by it robust, compact design and its reliable real-time presentation of the rotation of jet cleaners. The values measured can be further processed via the output signal of a PLC controller by the digital PNP signal (24 VDC).

Technical Data
MaterialNozzle: 316L (1.4404)
Test prod: PEEK
Housing: 304 (1.4301), 303 (1.4305)
O-ring: EPDM
Mains voltageUb = 24 V +/-20 % (18 to 32 VDC)
Current requirement

< 20 mA

Output signalPNP; 50 mA, short circuit-proof
Rise delay time< 0.3 sec
Reaction timeca. 30 sec



Tank Cleaning Trolley JM-C1

Applicable for:

  • TANKO-JM100
  • TANKO-JM500
  • TANKO-RB90
  • TANKO-S50

Technical Data
Material316L (1.4404)
Connection supplyDN50, threaded connection acc. to DIN 11851
Connection jet cleaner

1 1/2" BSP

Reducing flange1.4436
Locking pin1.4430
WheelsPP, FDA-conform
Surfacemetal-brigth or hand-polished