Spate Cleaner (TANKO-S)

Spate Cleaner TANKO-S
TANKO-S20 upwards Thread
Spate Cleaner TANKO-S
Spate Cleaner TANKO-S
Spate Cleaner TANKO-S
Spate Cleaner TANKO-S

Spate cleaner TANKO-S

The TANKO-S is a rotating spray head with slotted spray openings. Strong impact, high cleaning force at low volumetric flows and low pressures make it easier to optimize the cleaning process and provide a more efficient alternative to static spray balls. The spate cleaners are available in 5 different sizes, with different materials and connections, and also with ATEX certification if required.

Cleaning devices for tanks or vessels are being applied since several decades. The achievable cleaning results could be considerably improved by developing new devices. Thanks to AWH development work, significant savings, best cleaning results and product safety emerge from today’s economical spate cleaners (TANKO-S).

With the new construction AWH waives a thread.
For the “weld-on version” the customer receives a thread-free device. The spray head is firmly attached to the base plate, which is welded to the downpipe as a whole. This construction has increased the hygienic optimization of the TANKO-S to a maximum degree. For best assembly into the vessel, the TANKO-S is optimally supplemented by the AWH downpipe concept.

Technical Data
Spray angle360°, 270° upwards, 180° upwards, 180° downwards, 90° downwards
Material316L (1.4435), 316L (1.4404), HC22 (2.4602), HC4 (2.4610)
PressureCleaning medium: 1.5 - 3 bar / 21.8 - 43.5 psi *
Working temperatureCleaning medium: max. 230 °C / 446 °F (Does not apply to ATEX versions!)
Volume flow rate

0.25 - 18 m³/h / 4.2 - 300 l/min / 1 - 79 gpm (US) *

Cleaning radius0.1 - 3.2 m / 0.3 - 10.5 ft *
Wetting radius0.1 - 4.2 m / 0.3 - 13.8 ft *

Clipon, Thread, Orbital weldon acc. DIN 11866

Bearingdouble ball bearings


*depending on model and cleansing medium

The technical data of the ATEX units can differ from the standard units and this data is provided in the respective operating and installation instructions.



The Application of TANKO-S50

"The AWH TANKO-S50 reveales his saving potential in practice at one of the largest German breweries."

One of the most renowned German breweries applies the TANKO-S50 for cleaning their fermentation tanks with great success. After extensive tests all 76 tanks were equipped with the TANKO-S50 in 2010. They have a capacity of 700 m³ and dimensions of up to 25 m height and 6 m width. The customer is highly satisfi ed with the newest TANKO-S50, which is economical and durable. At the same time the TANKO-S50 offers a signifi cantly better cleansing effect and manufacturing quality compared to the previous static spray heads. The customer gladly provides his experiences regarding the achieved savings from the introduction of the TANKO-S50:

Savings from the TANKO-S50
• 34 % reduced CIP time
• 58 % fresh water consumption
• 39 % consumption of lye
• 11 % consumption of acid
• 58 % less waste water

The customer is highly convinced of the economic efficiency of the TANKO-S50 and has recommended the TANKO-S50 to further.


Test Report TANKO-S50
Static Spray HeadTANKO-S50Differences
Time (min)10873.75-34.25
Flow rate (m3/h)6022-38
Costs (€)
Fresh water33,15 €10,66 €-22,49 €
Lye14,13 €8,48 €-5,65 €
Acid3,95 €3,56 €-0,40 €
Disinfection agents0,00 €0,00 €0,00 €
Waste water34,00 €10,93 €-23,07 €
85,23 €33,62 €-51,60 € per cleaning cycle
Savings61 %