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Sight Glass
LED Sight Glass
LED Sight Glass
Inline Sight Glass with Perforated Plate

Inline sight glasses

A shock-proof glass cylinder is fitted between two flanges with a seal, and held by stud bolts. The stud bolts have a stop, which ensures a defined pre-tension between the seal and the glass cylinder. Plastic safety screens fulfil the requirement for optimal vision and protection against glass splinters. Alternatively, the proven metal screen can be used as splinter protection.

Sight glasses

A tempered glass pane is screwed to a male part with a welded end using two seals and a grooved nut. The glass is made of borosilicate, which offers excellent strength and thermal stability.

With our LED sight glasses, we are bringing light into darkness – entirely without cables. The LED sight glass can be used without hesitation, especially in places that are difficult to access and where it would be impossible to lay a cable or even not permitted. A Cree high-performance LED achieves maximum light output at low electricity consumption. The design essentially follows DIN 11851 and therefore there it is possible to retrofit it to existing nozzles on tanks and systems. The light is water-proof and can be used in critical areas. The light is powered by a standard AA battery. The battery can be replaced quickly and easily. The nominal widths DIN DN65, DN80 and DN100 are standard in the product range in 1.4301 (304).

Sight glass fittings

The AWH sight glass fitting - DIN – SS is intended for installation in pipelines. It was designed and built for visual control of the flow of fluid in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and for low-germ processes. Suitable flow media include water, steam, food, liquids from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry subject to a hygienic standard.

Sight glasses with wipers

Sight glasses with wipers are used for liquids with high solid content, which tend to form deposits. A manually rotated wiper reliably removes the deposits from the inside of the glass.

Lights for sight glasses

The light for the sight glass comes in two different versions:

1.For the DIN-SS sight glass which lights through the medium and
2.For the DIN welding sight glass which illuminates the medium. 

The lights are suitable for illuminating sealed vessels like boilers, tanks, bunkers, silos and agitators and for visual flow control in pipelines.

When properly installed, a protective rating of IP65 in compliance with EN 60 529 / DIN VDE 0470 Part 1 (dust-tight and water-jet proof).