stainless steel connection AWH-Connect
AWH-Connect cross-section
stainless steel connection AWH-Connect
AWH-Connect with sight glass
stainless steel connection AWH-Connect
stainless steel connection AWH-Connect
stainless steel connection AWH-Connect
stainless steel connection AWH-Connect

The aseptic connection for vessels

AWH-Connect is the aseptic and hygienic Connection for your vessels. It was developed for the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry as well as those of the Food industry. With the use of AWH-Connect in place of classic clamp connections you eliminate or minimize dead space in vessels. AWH-Connect combines the standard seal of a clamp connection, e.g. per DIN 32676 or ASME-BPE, with the advantages of a block fl ange, which is welded into the wall of the vessel. This makes it possible to connect a component on a vessel fl ush to the wall, close to the product and, above all, free of dead space.

The positive effect of the AWH-Connect is obvious!

The time and costs for cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP) of vessels can be considerably reduced. The cleaning results are visibly better and the Validation of the CIP/SIP processes is simpler. Connect has been field-tested as a vessel Connection and is an accepted connection which can be found in the ASME-BPE. Don‘t make any compromises and use the original AWH-Connect. There is a variety of reasons for this.

Possible applications include: 

  • connection for cleaning equipment e.g. the TANKO-S
  • connection for sampling valves or systems
  • connection for sight glasses
  • connection for sight glass lights
  • connection for filters
  • connection for valves
  • connection for measuring equipment (pressure, temperature, ...)

Advantages for users of the vessels and vessel manufacturers

  • proven design
  • minimises/eliminates dead space
  • no spray shadow
  • simple, reliable CIP/SIP of vessels
  • meets the requirements of ASME BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment)
  • PED (DGRL 97/23/EC)-certified per AD 2000-regulations, and EN 13445
  • welded flange and split ring material double-certified, i.e. per AD 2000-W2 and ASME II
  • design test certificate from TÜV Nord available for AD 2000-regulations and EN 13445
  • 100% traceability from finished part to input material
  • surfaces with product contact as standard Ra < 0.5 µm/other surfaces Ra < 1.2 µm

As a connection for cleaning equipment

  • ideal for the insertion of spray heads or surge cleaners, such as the AWH TANKO-S, via the downpipe
  • free of dead space
  • reliable cleaning and sterilization

As a connection for sampling valves and systems

  • connection of sampling valves such as Rieger BioCheck valves or Single Use Systems free of dead space
  • reliable sampling

Technical Data

Suitable for clamp connections

DIN 32676 - series A, B, C
ISO 2852
BS 4825

Pipe standards and sizes

DIN EN 10357 / DIN 11866 series A: DN10 - DN100
DIN EN ISO 1127 / 11866 series B: DN13.5 - DN114.3
ASME-BPE / 11866 series C: 1/2” - 4”
SMS 3008: 12 - 102


Welded flange: 316L (1.4435), BN2 (Deltaferrit <= 1%)
Split ring: 316L (1.4404)
Threaded bolts and nuts: A4-50 / A4-70, SA193 B8M Cl. 1 / SA194 B8M Cl. 1


in contact with product (inside): Ra <= 0.5 µm
other surfaces: Ra <= 1.2 µm

Operating pressure

-1 to +7 bar (-14.5 to 101 psi)

Operating temperature

-80°C to +200°C (-112 bis 392°F)




Design test certificate from TÜV Nord according to PED 97/23/EC and AD 2000-regulations, as well as PED 97/23/EC and EN 13445.