Vent-IGEL with Manual Operation
Vent-IGEL with pneumatic Actuator
Vent-IGEL with pneumatic Actuator

CIP cleaning agents intelligently distributed

  • alternative to complexe valve clusters and coupling panels
  • clearly arranged design
  • service-friendly
  • inexpensive
  • compact design, little space required

Its advantages lie in the areas of hygiene and automation! Further, the Vent-IGEL is a less expensive variant as compared to valve clusters on the basis of 4/2-way seat valves.

Using the Vent-IGEL, various different products and cleaning lines can be hooked up to a tank. It is also possible to have one input line and switch same to several different lines.

The Vent-IGEL is characterized by a clearly arranged and service-friendly design and is based on a modular concept. Thus, any given number of shut-off exit lines can be supplied by combining several basic modules. A retrofit with additional modules in case of an expansion of the installation is not a problem either. The interconnection of the individual basic modules can be realized by clamp connectors in accordance with DIN 32676, connectors in accordance with DIN 11851, flange connections or connectors in accordance with DIN 11864.

The outlets of the feed pipes to the various tanks are opened or closed, respectively by butterfly valves. As per request by the customer, all types of butterfly valves listed in the catalogue, whether manually operated or pneumatically driven, can be employed. Butterfly valves with pneumatic actuator and VMon actuator with control head can also be used.

The Vent-IGEL can be supplied with nominal widths of DN25 to DN80.

With our Vent-IGEL, we can offer you a universal, compact and, most important of all, inexpensive solution for your requirements.