Custom Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Vessel
Demonstration Unit
Protection Filter
Distribution Pipe

Custom Manufacturing

  • reduced delivery time with access to 40000 omponents held within AWH on site stock:
    • butterfly valve
    • tees, bends, connections etc.
    • tube, square and plate of the various standards and grades of stainless steel
  • in house CNC manufacturing can be utilized for small production runs
  • use of modular production techniques optimizing prefabricated components
  • state of the art surface treatment technology capable of producing Ra < 0.2 µm max.
  • advanced TIG and closed head orbital welding Technology



Pipe and pipe fittings

  • manufactured to customer drawings and isometrics
  • jacketed and insulated fittings


  • storage vessels, IBC, expansion tanks
  • pressure vessels with full TUV approval
  • filter housings

Unit manufacturing

  • frame construction
  • complete skids including vessels, valves, swing bend panels
  • switching panels up to 8 m in length, complete with valve technology
  • valve distribution nodes DN200 max.


  • manufacturer of pressure vessels and piping according AD 2000
  • approved to Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC): production of module A1, D, D1, E and F
  • welding manufacturer for pressure vessels and piping according to DIN EN 3834-2 (EN 729-2)
  • agreement on the appropriate re-stamping of materials and products for pressure equipment in accordance with AD 2000-Directive and 97/23/EC
  • approval AD 2000-HPO

Quality test methods

  • roughness measurement
  • 3-D measuring station
  • X-ray inspection of weld seam
  • dye penetrant testing
  • delta ferrite content measurement
  • materials identification testing: with X-ray fluorescence analyzer (destructively) or spectrum analyzer
  • endoscopes with documentation
  • pressure test in accordance with authorizations
  • micrograph analysis