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Angle Type Strainers

Angle Type Strainer
Angle Type Strainer DIN
Duplex Angle Type Strainer
Duplex Angle Type Strainer

AWH angle type strainers are intended for use in pipelines, for coarse cleaning and filtration of liquid flows for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as for low-germ processes. They are suitable for use in processing low-viscosity flowing media like water, steam, liquid foods and drinks with high hygienic requirements.

Main features of the AWH angle type strainers

  • direction of flow is from the outside to the inside
  • slotted tube results in low flow resistance
  • up to 75% higher flow cross section
  • flexible slot widths from 50 µm to 4 mm possible
  • the slot width can be easily adjusted to specific requirements by replacing the slotted strainer tubes
  • robust strainer element results in high pressure resistance
  • tool-free installation to DN100, with heavy-duty clamp
  • DN125 - DN150 feature a DIN 11851 grooved nut.
  • the strainer can be emptied and cleaned by removing the slotted tube. The scraper ring cleans the strainer automatically.

For complex processes, we also offer completely piped strainer combinations which facilitate interruption-free operation of one strainer each.

Technical Data
   not product-affected
304 (1.4301) / 304L (1.4307), 316L (1.4404)
316L (1.4404)
304 (1.4301) / 304L (1.4307)
Compressive strengthNominal pressure DN25 - DN100: 10 bar
Nominal pressure DN125 - DN150: 6 bar
ConnectionWeldon DIN EN 10357
Thread DIN 11851 and SMS
Liner DIN 11851
Clamp DIN 32676