Good Reasons for AWH!

Good reasons – AWH as employer

Our employees are our most important asset and the foundation of our company's success. We offer more than just a job:

  • safe workplaces
  • family-oriented management
  • equal Opportunities
  • open corporate culture
  • occupational pension
  • fringe benefits and social commitment
  • high proportion of apprenticeship
  • active participation
  • sponsored further education
  • good working environment
  • reliable management

That`s AWH!

Made in Germany. Used Worldwide.

"We are a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers."

For decades we have been manufacturing high-quality stainless steel components for the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We have continuously further developed and extended our product range since the foundation of the company to date. Thanks to this continuous growth our workforce has experienced considerable increase with 450 employees today, enabling us to make substantial investments in manufacturing technologies and production workshops.

In 2018 the company generated a turnover of 84,4 million Euro. We consider ourselves as partner offering more than stainless steel components to our customers. Technical advice and service on all aspects of our products form the foundation for long-term customer relationships, based on mutual trust and reliability.

Our standard products are supplemented by customized components, which are planned and implemented in close cooperation with the customers. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, core competences in the areas of cleaning technology, valve technology, pigging technology and a consequent quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 guarantee high-quality and reliable products and service.

As a member of the NEUMO-Ehrenberg-Group we offer components for a wide variety of applications all from one source.

Guiding Principle

  • Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH is an innovative supplier of components which manufactures and distributes all of the parts required by plant manufacturers, machine and equipment manufacturers, end consumers and distributors for the food industry and similar process industries.
  • We sell our products worldwide, in all standards and with all necessary documentation in various languages, based on the required national and international standards in each case.
  • The quality we provide for the money reflects our own values. Our guiding principle and daily objective is to provide quality "made in Germany".
  • Our daily actions are guided by respectful treatment based on openness and honesty, in line with statutory regulations and standards.
  • Our employees are generally selected and encouraged based on their qualifications and skills. We expect our employees to act with the highest degree of responsibility.
  • We categorically reject any kind of discrimination, unfairness, harassment, bullying and slandering and condemn any such behavior.
  • We guarantee our employees equal opportunities and equal treatment.
  • We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer, but also as an adviser and service provider, so that we can offer our customers and partners the greatest benefit and maximum added value.
  • By implementing and maintaining a standard-conforming energy management system we make an effective contribution to natural resource conservation and climate protection.


  • 2019 Completion of the fifth construction phase in the industrial area comprising the erection of the production plant
  • 2018 Foundation of the representative offices in Bucharest (Romania)
  • 2017 Foundation of the representative office in Vietnam
  • 2015 Opening production site in Firrel (Lower Saxony)
  • 2013 Completion of the fourth construction phase in the industrial area comprising the erection of the production plant
  • 2013 Foundation of the representative office in Milan (Italy)
  • 2013 Foundation of NEUMO UK by taking over UK Damstahl
  • 2012 Reconstruction of the dispatch warehouse - expansion of capacities by 40%
  • 2012 Opening of the production site in Vienna with a warehouse for collection and dispatch
  • 2012 Construction of the new electropolishing bath
  • 2011 Foundation of the representative offices in Lyon (France) and Vienna (Austria)
  • 2010 Opening of the warehouse for tubes and pipes in Essenbach (Bavaria)
  • 2009 Completion of the third construction phase in the industrial area comprising the erection of the production plant
  • 2009 Integration of the pigging technology into the product range of AWH
  • 2006 Foundation of the second affiliate Neumo GUS (Moscow)
  • 2004 The second construction phase is fi nalized by the move of the dispatch warehouse into the newly built warehouse.
  • 2003 Cleaning technology becomes part of AWH‘s product range
  • 2001 The first construction phase announces the extension of Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH. The warehouse for tubes and pipes moves to the industrial area
  • 1997 Foundation of the first affiliate NEUMO - POLSKA Sp. Z.O.O (Skierniewice)
  • 1992 Acquisition of Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH by the NEUMO-Ehrenberg-Group. Approximately 90 employess remain in the company‘s employment.
  • Until 1989 butterfly valves are produced at Hoetensleben for the entire food industry of the GDR and socialist countries with a workforce of approximately 800 employees.
  • 1967 Development and production of the first hygenic butterfly valves for the food industry. The valve is traded worldwide.
  • 1959 Conversion of the production from brass to stainless steel
  • 1948 The company was named „Armaturenwerk Hötensleben“ for the first time
  • 1917 Production of valves for the food industry
  • 1859 Foundation of the fi ttings factory and metal foundry


Quality Management

Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH places a great emphasis on quality management. Quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality increases improve the processes continuously. Quality management combines all organisational measures which improve process quality, services and thus our stainless steel products. Our goal is to increase and optimise the effectiveness and efficiency.

Priorities include

  • preserving and increasing customer satisfaction
  • motivating the staff
  • development and adaptation of products and services
  • optimising the communication structures
  • standardisation of certain operating and work processes
  • documentation
  • advanced professional training


Ensuring a constant high quality is supported by

  • DIN EN ISO certification 9001:2015
  • tested manufacturing facility for pressure equipment in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)
  • certification to EC directive 2014/34/EU
  • manufacturer of pressure vessels and pipelines to AD 2000-regulations
  • approved welding company for pressure vessels and pipelines per DIN EN 3834-32 (EN 729-2)
  • authorised to label materials and products for pressure vessels per the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) and AD 2000 regulations
  • certification to 3-A Sanitary Standard 63-03 and 78-01
  • EHEDG certification type EL- Class I for AWH butterfly valves


Quality test methods

  • roughness measurement
  • 3D measurement station
  • X-ray testing of weld seams (external)
  • penetrant testing
  • delta ferrite content measurement
  • material mix-up testing with X-ray fluorescence analyser (non-destructive) or spectral analyser
  • endoscopes with documentation
  • pressure probe per approvals
  • contour measurements


Sales and Logistics

AWH Sales and Logistics

Faraway, So Close - Always Nearby

In order to be just a short distance away from our customers, we have established a network of affiliates, representatives and sales partners. Our customers can retrieve the most important decision data locally and receive commercial advise. We also react quickly and competent for technical inquiries.

High warehouse capacities, thanks to a state-of-the-art racking system and random storage for tubes and pipes together with reliable logistic partners and an in-house logistics fleet assure quick and reliable deliveries.

Our logistics and warehouse center in Hötensleben, the collection and dispatch warehouse for tubes and pipes in Essenbach (Bavaria) and a collection and dispatch warehouse for small parts and tubes in Vienna (Austria) grant short delivery times and high loyalty to delivery deadlines.


A Team - A Mission - Your Satisfaction

150 years of corporate history stand for continuity, experience and stability. Yet, only the people behind the company, our employees, unite these attributes in their unparalleled vision, dedication and passion. They get the company ready for the future. Accompany us along this path. Our motivated team are at your side.




Rebranded Corporate Logo 2020

The Neumo Ehrenberg Group's Flow Division is excited to announce the launching of its new rebranded corporate logo. This change will be implemented in the following companies and brand names: NEUMO, EGMO, AWH, VNE, HPT, RIEGER, HERRLI and all relevant subsidiaries.

The new logo represents the connection to the group's history combined with a strong commitment to keep serving the flow industry. This rebranding initiative will create a globally recognizable logo for all of the group's stakeholders.

The group was founded in 1947, by the late Senator Henry Ehrenberg, and today it's one of the world's largest privately-owned manufacturers and distributors of stainless steel products for hygienic applications (pharma/food/beverage/cosmetics, etc.). The Group's Flow Division has a profound reputation for the highest quality and expertise in that field. Furthermore, the Group provides engineering services that increase productivity, product quality, and profitability for customers across the globe. Notably, the Neumo Ehrenberg Group currently employs over 2,000 people worldwide, 1,300 of those people are working in the Flow Division. The Group is dedicated to turning innovative ideas into leading products.

With that said, in the course of 2020, changes to all websites, catalogs, business cards, trade show booths, and social media platforms, etc. will be initiated to include the new logo. As we continue to be leaders of our industry the new logo will bring a unified visual identity to the group, all the while characterizing our brand as bold, smart, effective, and original.

Security by Monitoring - AWH Butterfly Valves with RFID Transponder

The RFID transponder can be found today in almost all areas of daily life. We make use of this standard of technology and now implement RFID transponders in our butterfly valves. Read all relevant data directly on the valve. A special in-metal transponder stores all relevant data on the valve. The information can be updated or overwritten up to 10,000 times. You can save inspection intervals, item numbers, type of sealing, order numbers and further data in the memory. The transponder can be retrofitted, is water proof and immediately ready for use. Each transponder is unique as it has an ID number that cannot be overwritten. They can also store the item number from their P&ID on the chip. This means that the chip and valve can be assigned again and again.

This type of monitoring gives them increased security in dealing with their systems and processes. There are particularly robust devices with easy-to-read displays for reading and writing transponders, especially for applications in plants and production facilities. All data can be transferred from the mobile device to your system via bluetooth, for example. 

TANKO-MX150 - the newest member of TANKO family.

The design-protected TANKO-MX150 is a medium driven jet cleaner with controlled rotation. The device is used in a wide range of industrial applications where vessel and tanks need high impact cleaning. Due to a compact design the TANKO-MX150-G14 (4 nozzles) has a minimum insertion requirement of 150 mm diameter while the TANKO-MX150-G12 (2 nozzles) requires an opening of just 115 mm diameter.

The 360° spray pattern cleaning is based on 4 or 2 nozzles. The device has plain bearings and a planetary gear system. It has been designed to produce the best cleaning results. It is self-cleaning, works with high impact and still has impressively low consumption figures.

Pneumatic Sampling Valve

With the hygienic, pneumatic compact air sampling valve, there is also an automatic sampling system with additional manual actuation in the AWH portfolio. The sampling valve has a clamp connection in accordance with DIN 32676 and is compatible with the AWH Connect tank connection flange system. Our design is based on the tried-and-tested hygienic sampling valve with manual operation. Upon request, an optional flushing connection can be attached for this version. This means that a connection to an automated CIP/SIP system is possible. In addition to the various predefined versions in the AWH sampling portfolio, customer-specific solutions can also be implemented.


Spate Cleaner TANKO-CR40

The TANKO-CR has been developed for maximum chemical resistance and highest hygienic requirements. It provides impressive corrosion resistance and strong cleaning. The TANKO-CR series of spate cleaners rotate in a slow and defined manner on a maintenancefree hydrodynamic plain bearing. This constantly flushed bearing allows operation in the widest variety of installation angles, resulting in a sturdy device with a long service life. The constant speed under different operating conditions and focused fan jets ensure high cleaning effectiveness in conjunction with fast wetting.
The TANKO-CR is also very well suited for SIP sterilization of the vessel with steam. The material used is a modifi ed 2nd generation PTFE that provides a smoother, more hygienic surface than conventional PTFE with improved mechanical properties at the same level of chemical resistance and freedom from adhesion.


Srdecne vítejte, Jan Dolezil!

Since November 1, 2016, Armaturenwerk Hötensleben has also been supported by a sales representative in the Czech Republic. We have gained a competent colleague in Jan Dolezil, who is from Ricany near Prague. Initially responsible for the Czech area, Slovakia will also be one of his sales areas in the future.

At the beginning of his activities, Jan Dolezil was trained in AWH GmbH's comprehensive product portfolio. The detailed product training sessions in the areas of valve, cleaning and product recovery technology was both practical and theoretical. Getting to know the colleagues at Armaturenwerk better during this time was a desirable and pleasing side effect.

The sales representatives from Germany, France, Italy and Austria getting together at the sales meeting at the end of November 2016 also contributed to this. We have already been able to expand our customer base and therefore draw a very positive conclusion after our first few months of cooperation with Mr. Dolezil. We look forward to our continued cooperation and would like to take the opportunity to once again warmly welcome Jan Dolezil in the Armaturenwerk Hötensleben team!



Hygienic AWH Sampling Valve - EHEDG-Certified now

    We make hygiene affordable. A claim that is now backed up by the enhanced AWH sampling valve. When it comes to determining taste, appearance, and microbiological and chemical values, taking accurate samples is paramount. Our EHEDG-certified sampling valve was specially designed for this purpose. An EHEDG inspection certificate further underlines how easy it is to clean, meaning your products will not be contaminated when used properly. The AWH sampling valve comes in three different versions with a variety of port types for a wide range of applications, whether in the weld-in, weld-on or screw-in version.


    The new powerful and efficient internally geared media driven jet cleaner from AWH

      • Controlled, consistent rotation combined with high impact jets make the TANKO-MX125 the ideal choice for small to medium diameter vessels with moderate to heavy soiling
      • Hygienically designed and ball bearing free the TANKO-MX125 is suitable for a wide range of applications across a variety of process industries
      • The multi-axis 4 jet design generates a repeatable, verifiable and highly efficient 360° cleaning pattern


      Leakage Butterfly Valve with pneum. Auxiliary Valves and Actuator VMove 1

      AWH butterfly valve technology has produced another innovation: the leakage butterfly valve with pneumatic auxiliary valves. It is designed for reliable separation of media and comes with “auxiliary valves” – one leakage and one flushing valve – fitted as standard. The auxiliary valves can be activated synchronously or in isolation. Thanks to their design, both valves are easy to clean and completely isolated when closed.

      Since the auxiliary vale's sealing piston is positioned almost flush in the through-flow pipe, contamination is not possible at this point. The butterfly valve itself follows our tried and tested, hygienic design principle. The drive and auxiliary valves can be fitted with optional initiators to monitor the individual valve positions. The "double-flap principle" offers maximum safety when handling different media in the same pipe system.

      Valves for Transport of dangerous Substances acc. to DIN EN 14432

      The proven AWH butterfly valve is also available as a type-tested valve in accordance with DIN EN 14432. This certification means that the valve is extremely well suited for use in tankers and containers that are used to transport dangerous substances and liquid chemical products by road, rail or ­water. Depending on the application requirements, AWH valves can be supplied with either hand actuation or
      a pneumatic actuator.

      The new Member of AWH Cleaning Technology - TANKO-CP2

      The TANKO-CP2 is the newest member of the AWH TANKO-family. In terms of cleaning performance, the TANKO-CP2 comes between the spray balls of the TANKO-S series and the jet cleaners of the TANKO-JM series and offers a cost-effective way of effectively cleaning containers with a diameter of up to 4 m. With it slow and even rotation and strong impact, the TANKO-CP2 is suitable for cleaning containers which are used to hold contents that have a tendency to adhere strongly. The TANKO-CP2 is a system with plain bearings and a simple design with as few moving parts as possible. With its low servicing requirements, the TANKO-CP2 provides a compact and reliable solution for cleaning tasks with different cleaning media and a large temperature range.

      An era comes to an end – retirement after 42 years of service to the company

      The world's leading trade fair for beverage and liquid food technology this year, the Drinktec in Munich, was a unique event for the employees of Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH and for our esteemed colleague Werner Woschke. At the end of this year, Werner Woschke will enter his well-earned retirement after 42 years of service now.

      In 1971, Werner Woschke began his career as a fitter in the AWH in butterfly valve production. In the years after that, he earned his qualification as a master craftsman and completed a degree in engineering management via distance learning. In 1980 he became line manager of production control and soon thereafter line manager of production. As manager of production process execution, in 1991 he accompanied AWH when it was acquired by the Neumo Ehrenberg Group. Since 2006 he has worked for Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH as a sales representative.

      With a small stand party in his honour on 19 September 2013, we reviewed the last few years and celebrated our respected colleague Werner Woschke's last trade fair. The managing director of Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH, Mr Thomas Erhorn, and the managing director of Neumo-Ehrenberg-Group, Mr. Wolf Ehrenberg, thanked him in an emotional and touching speech for his dedication and outstanding collaboration. With a cool drink and a traditional Bavarian buffet, customers, AWH employees, colleagues from Neumo GmbH & Co. KG and Gebr. Rieger GmbH & Co. KG, celebrated well into the evening. This evening will be unforgettable for all attendees.

      A company party and the dedication of a new production hall

      After a construction period of only four months, the new production hall was formally dedicated on 7 September 2013 with a company party on the grounds of Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH, in the industrial area "Auf dem Rathwege". On that day, around 180 employees along with their families celebrated the expansion of the Hötensleben site.

      The party opened with a tour through the now four production halls and warehouses guided by the managing director, Mr Thomas Erhorn. Many visitors took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel components for the food and drinks industry in Germany. There was plenty of entertainment for the children as well: table football, a place to blow bubbles, shooting goals and much more was available?for fun and diversion. The day ended for with a spectacular fireworks show, which amazed young and old alike. The newly built hall has over 1440 m² of production space and 480 m² of offices and social rooms furnished in modern style.

      The investment costs amounted to 1.7 million euros.This investment is expected to maintain and expand the enterprise's international competitiveness. Thanks to these newly created capacities, the cleaning equipment department will move into the new premises with its product management, its design and a high-tech test facility for spray heads. The test facility for cleaning equipment was in our shipping warehouse up to now; the now vacant space there can be used for additional storage space. The workshop hall continues to provide space for the pipe grinding facility, which moved back in mid-September. The pipe grinding facility's move provides the pipe store with additional space, which it uses as a storage area for ground pipes and a new packing station for long-part shipments. The third area to be housed in the new complex is T-piece production. Here, about an additional 1 million euros were invested in new machinery.

      This is another big step towards location maintenance and setting the stage for a successful future.

      Flood disaster 2013 – AWH donates € 8,000 to the "Märchenland" day nursery

      Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH and its staff have donated €8,000 to the "Märchenland" day nursery in Groß Rosenburg. During the flood disaster, most people in Germany followed the events in the media with dismay. The magnitude of the disaster for the people affected is inconceivable. That's why Thomas Erhorn, managing director of Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH, appealed for a donation campaign on 11 June 2013. AWH matched every euro donated by staff with another euro.

      After three weeks the campaign finished with the proud sum of €8,000. "We found a day nursery in Groß Rosenburg, run by the non-profit organization "Lebenshilfe Bördeland e.V.", which was completely under water. There was damage amounting to approximately €200,000 at the "Märchenland" nursery, which had only just been newly renovated in 2008," said Marion Biermann, Head of Accounting at AWH. The nursery was quickly moved to an old, closed-down nursery in the neighbouring town so that the children could continue being looked after during this difficult time. According to the provider's estimations, the renovation work will continue until the end of the year. On 8 July 2013, a symbolic cheque was presented to the head of the nursery, Ms Köhler, by Marion Biermann (Accounting, AWH) and Yvonne Bischoff (Distribution, AWH).  The money was transferred to the provider's donations account with the transfer subject "Groß Rosenburg nursery", to ensure that it reached the right place.

      Ms Köhler was teary-eyed when she saw the sum on the cheque. She sincerely thanked the AWH staff and promised to keep them informed about the progress of the rebuilding efforts. AWH and its staff wish the nursery team lots of strength during the rebuilding efforts and are happy to have made a small contribution to these.




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